Using our extensive network of contacts, we can help you to arrange entertainment for your special event.
We have had successful co-operation with the following:


The icing on the cake for any event is a professionally fireworks display.

Suomen Ilotulitus Oy / area manager

Troubadour Mikko Itäranta

Tango Prince?

Laitila’s very own two-time Tango Prince Rami Rafael is a sure favorite of the dancing crowd.

A youthful band?

Routalempi is a youthful band that plays traditional Finnish dance music mixed up with classic pop/rock tunes. The band, some of which are music students, can tackle restaurant gigs, weddings, Christmas parties and various other private functions.

Everybody on the dance floor!

Heidi & Ritarit Song and dance band will make sure your guests have a great time and dancing away.

Dance Band?

The Janne Engblom dance band will get your guests in the right mood

Aatos Tapala

Expertus Oy on erikoistunut järjestämään juhlatilaisuuksia yrityksille ja yksityishenkilöille.


Seppo Helenius, an entertainer from Laitila, has the gift of the gab and is able to host, sing and ensure that everyone joins in the fun.


Magician Pete Poskiparta is always welcome. Whether a crowd of adults or children, the awe is just as great. A magician will make your event stand out and a memorable experience as your guests watch in admiration.

Finnish champion of stage magic 2003
Finnish champion of restaurant magic 2002
Finnish championships Close-up - Silver 2003
Magician of Finland 2003


Eetu the clown has been laughed at for decades. He plays a host of characters choosing one that fits the occasion best. Captain Hook for example..


Veeruska ja Tanssiorkesteri Jellonat

Olemme nuorekas humppapeltoja kyntävä porukka lounaisesta Suomesta. Ohjelmistomme koostuu ennen kaikkea vanhasta tanssimusiikista, uudemmasta iskelmästä sekä isänmaallisesta rautalankamusiikista.

Dance music from Laitila

How about a cruise host?

The singing cruise hosts are real hosts, who can even take their guests on a musical cruise around the world.